How Many Dental Crowns Can You Get In One Day?

Dental crowns can help restore your smile and help you look your best. But there are limits over how many you can get in one day. Dr. Asher Henegar at R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. in Colorado Springs, CO can help you find dental crowns that will work for you, but he also wants you to understand how long it will take to receive more than one crown. You may benefit from multiple crowns at a time, although the ability to get this to work will vary by patient and situation.

Understanding the dental crown process

A dental crown includes a porcelain material that can handle the pressure and stress that a natural tooth already manages. The porcelain compound also looks identical to a natural tooth.

It takes about 1 – 2 hours on average to produce a new dental crown. You’ll require a thorough impression of your teeth to see what shape your crown should be, and then the dentist can prepare the new crown material based on the shape and size of that crown. The impression may work before a crown is built, but it can also occur after the existing dental structure is removed. The material can then fit over the existing tooth structure or other space as necessary.

The number of crowns you will receive in a day will vary over the manufacturing process and your specific needs. The manufacturing effort makes it where you could get 2 – 3 crowns in one day. But you will require multiple days of service if you have more than that amount, especially if existing dental structures have to be taken apart.

Can your mouth handle the stress of many crowns?

The process of installing a new crown can also influence how you can receive these crowns. The fitting process should involve a bonding agent or another compound that will keep the crown in its place. You may also require a splint or another material over the area for a bit to ensure the crown will settle in its spot.

The procedure may also involve a portion of the existing tooth being removed. The removal will not entail any roots or other deep structures. It only works on the visible parts of the tooth. An impression may be necessary after the removal to create an accurate look at how the crown should appear.

Your mouth won’t feel much stress, as nothing will enter the gum or bone structure in the mouth. But the need to manage all those crowns can be a challenge. Dr. Henegar may recommend you receive one or two crowns at a time to ensure they fit well and that your mouth is responding well to these crowns.

Can a temporary crown work?

Sometimes, a temporary crown can go over the site of your tooth. The temporary feature may work when you need further help getting your crown ready. The initial crown will not require any cement materials or other adhesives, but it will need to stay intact to protect the structure.

Schedule a consultation in Colorado Springs, CO to see if a dental crown is right for you

A dental crown can be useful for your dental needs, but the number of crowns you’ll require and how many you can get in one day will vary. You can request our services for support today to receive the care you deserve. Contact R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. in Colorado Springs, CO for help with your teeth. Dr. Asher Henegar is available for service throughout the week.

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