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Good dental health is vital for each member of the family, regardless of their age. At R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A., we encourage Colorado Springs, CO parents to make their child’s initial visit to a dentist before their first birthday. While it may seem early, with a small-town setting and as parents ourselves, you can be assured that your little one is in great care! It’s important for children to visit dentist Dr. Asher Henegar at least twice per year for cleanings and exams. Our objective is to provide your child with an enjoyable and low-stress visit to our office. Establishing a comfortable, safe, and pleasant dental experience early on will help to give them a positive association with going to the dentist that can last a lifetime. During pediatric dental appointments, Dr. Henegar will evaluate the growth of your child’s teeth, search for problems or areas of concern, and teach them how best to maintain a proper dental care regimen at home. To learn more information about pediatric dentistry for your family, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Henegar.


Did you know babies can experience tooth decay and cavities as early as two years old? R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. can offer preventive treatments to help preserve the teeth of your little ones. Maintaining visits twice each year for oral exams and teeth cleanings is vital during childhood years. During their visits, Dr. Henegar may identify any developing problems, like cavities or dental malocclusion, and also recommend procedures, like sealants, in-office fluoride treatments, or orthodontics. Following their cleaning, a fluoride treatment may also be administered in order to strengthen the teeth and enamel while they are developing. Additionally, dental sealants are often recommended to reduce tooth cavities and decay. Dr. Henegar may also address teeth that have signs of decay or are damaged, chipped, or broken by creating an effective treatment plan. Dr. Henegar will encourage your child to keep up a healthy brushing and flossing routine and can provide helpful tips and tricks so your child can have great oral health!


When should my child have their first dental appointment?

Dr. Henegar recommends parents and guardians take their children to the dentist by the time they turn one year old. Children can also receive a dental exam soon after the eruption of their first tooth. After your initial dental exam, our office can let you know if there are any next steps and when to schedule the next appointment.

How do I clean my child’s teeth?

Pediatric dentists usually don’t recommend using toothbrushes until a child is at least three years old. They can be damaging to baby teeth and permanent teeth during the eruption phase. After this phase, it’s okay to use a toothbrush that you swap out regularly. There are many kinds of toothbrushes specifically designed with young children in mind.

Is thumb sucking harmful?

There are different opinions on thumb sucking. Most pediatric dentists say that it’s okay to allow children to suck their thumbs until they’re old enough to stop, usually around two years old. When permanent teeth begin to erupt, it’s best to encourage your child to stop thumb sucking. Otherwise, this could lead to tooth misalignment or spaces in between the teeth.

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Help your child create great dental health habits for the remainder of their lifetime by making annual oral exams and twice-yearly dental cleaning appointments at R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. Dr. Henegar and his team consider it very important to begin getting dental care early in life to start preventive steps and minimize future issues from developing. To schedule a pediatric dental examination for your son or daughter, contact our practice in Colorado Springs, CO.

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