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Inflammation, headaches, tooth pain, and discomfort in the neck and jaw are all common signs of bruxism or teeth grinding. While this is a somewhat familiar issue that affects many men and women, many people may not even know they do this during the night. To protect your mouth from the effects of bruxism, dentist Dr. Asher Henegar offers custom night guards to help defend your teeth while you sleep. Custom night guards are made from high-quality materials and are created specifically to fit comfortably and help improve the nature of your sleep by reducing jaw clenching and teeth grinding. To learn more about custom night guards at R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A., schedule an appointment at our Colorado Springs, CO office.

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There are many signs that you may be grinding your teeth and/or clenching your jaw while you sleep; waking up with pain in your jaw, a headache, and facial swelling are all common indications, as well as loosened teeth and/or fillings, chipped enamel on the top of your back teeth, a receding gumline, and tooth sensitivity. Teeth grinding and clenching can be caused by stress, misaligned teeth, allergies, a sleep disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). As Dr. Henegar makes your bruxism diagnosis, he will also try to determine the cause so your night guard can be coupled with another treatment for more effective results. From there, he will take oral impressions and digital x-rays of your mouth so your custom night guard can be created. We will send your specifications to a dental laboratory where your night guard will be crafted from high-quality materials. After your night guard is complete and sent back to us, you will come in to have it fitted and we will give you directions on how to properly care for and clean it. For maximum protection, you need to wear it every night.


Do night guards cure bruxism?

Night guards don’t cure bruxism or prevent teeth grinding from happening in the first place. However, they very effectively prevent tooth wear and tear and other dental damages that result from grinding. R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. hopes to prevent side effects like migraines jaw pain with these advanced devices.

How long do night guards last?

Night guards can last for years if patients take proper care of them. That includes removing them at night, brushing after wearing, and cleaning them often. Dr. Henegar encourages patients to bring their night guards whenever attending a dental appointment so we can examine them and make sure they’re working properly.

Are there ways to treat bruxism?

Night guards are a preferable way to address the symptoms of bruxism. But if night guards aren’t enough to reduce the side effects of teeth grinding, our team in Colorado Springs, CO, can recommend other innovative treatments. We can discuss your symptoms and potential options during an initial consultation.

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Teeth grinding can lead to discomfort and pain in a variety of ways. Night guards are a safe and effective option to lessen the sleepless nights and the aftermath of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Specialized night guards from R. Asher Henegar, D.D.S., P.A. can also advance the overall health of your mouth and ward off future complications. If you think night guards may be the solution you seek or you want to learn more, call our office in Colorado Springs, CO to schedule an appointment with Dr. Henegar. Some dental insurance companies will cover night guards in part so we’re happy to connect with your insurance company to verify. We also accept a variety of payment methods and can help with medical financing.

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