In-Office Loyalty Discount

In-Office Loyalty Discount

Through this discount, you will receive two no-cost preventive cleanings, examinations, needed x-rays, an adult or child fluoride treatment, and an adult advanced oral cancer screening every year. Any needed dental services with the doctor will be at 30% less than the normal office fees. There’s no membership card to carry and nothing to keep track of. Your plan’s effective date will be on file with our office, and your benefits will begin the date your payment is made.

How To Sign Up

It’s so easy to start saving today. Please ask one of our friendly patient coordinators to help you get started today. The yearly membership fee is $250 for the first member and $100 for each additional family member. Compare the cost of membership in our plan with the premiums you may be paying for traditional dental insurance – you may be pleasantly surprised with the savings you will enjoy at our office.

Preventive Dental Care

Membership Savings

Adult Prophylaxis Periodic Exam Emergency Exam Full-Mouth Series
(2 per year) (2 per year) (If needed during office hours) (1 every 5 years)
No charge No charge No charge No charge
Intraoral-periapical Films Bitewing X-Rays Adult Fluoride Varnish Child Prophylaxis
(up to 4 films) (1 set per year) (1 per year) (2 per year)
No charge No charge No charge No charge
Child Fluoride Advanced Oral Cancer Screening Periodontal Gum Screening Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning
(up to 4 films) (1 per year) (1 per year) *in place of Adult Prophylaxis:
No charge No charge No charge $61 Co-pay per visit

Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning with Laser Therapy

*in place of Adult Prophylaxis:
$98 Co-pay per visit

Discount Savings

For the following services, there is a 30% discount:

  • Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings
  • Crowns/Onlays/Inlays
  • Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing
  • Extractions
  • Root Canals
  • Whitening
  • Night Guard

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